Your visit

Rowhill Copse has the status of a local Nature Reserve, therefore although free access is allowed to the public on foot, any other activities within the Reserve must be limited to protect the various habitats and the wildlife.

Rowhill Nature Reserve

Wild life

With such a varied mosaic of habitat types within the 55 acres, Rowhill Nature Reserve Society has tried to maximise the native species found within its boundary.

Walks and trails

There are paths throughout the Reserve and in addition there is a trail for people with special needs that can be reached via Parkland Grove (off Weybourne Road) at the eastern end of the reserve.

Maps showing the various walks and trails are available at the Field Centre on Sundays during opening hours, 2 – 4.30 pm.

We would prefer that our visitors do not cycle within the Reserve, that dogs are kept under control and their waste is taken away with you or placed in the bins adjacent to most of the exits from the Reserve.


When dog walking within the reserve please keep your dog under control and clean up after them.


Please do take away your trash or empty bottles and place in the bins adjacent to the exit.


To protect and preserve the habitat in our reserve please don’t cycle within the reserve.